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Dear colleagues,

This is with great pleasure to announce that our 2017 membership process has now begun via the online form.

VATS is ready to offer you professional development and collegiality to move together towards excellence in teaching Spanish in Victoria. 

This 2017, in accordance with DET's guidelines and the needs expressed in our last AGM, our priority areas should include:

- The Victorian Curriculum for languages

- The Implementation of quality programs in primary and secondary schools

- Teaching professional journals (TPJs)

- Exchange of expertise between teachers located around metropolitan and regional areas 

- Innovative and exemplary teaching practices: what should distinguish our Spanish language programs?

- Language-in-use opportunities for our students

This year our calendar of activities is equipped with a series of hands-on and practical research-based priorities to ensure the implementation and delivery of quality Spanish Language programs in Victorian schools.

As stated in our AGM on Nov 19, 2016, this year the membership fees will be reflective of the nature of the school and the current employment status of our potential members. Your membership 2017 gives you discounted rates to register for our two-day congress in June. On day 1 we will count with the presence of Leticia Smith from Austin Texas, director of RyS.

You are reminded that discounted membership rates only apply until February 28th, 2017.

Renewal of your membership also grants you free access to our professional learning platform, networks, workshops, language maintenance sessions and teaching related activities. What is more, your students will also benefit from our immersion days and language-in-use events..

We are doing our best to fit our events for the convenience of the majority of our members with dates (tbc) as follows:

·  04.02.17- Unpackaging the F-10 Spanish language curriculum continuum proposal - Discussion board with alternative Webinar       

·  11.02.17 - Connecting the Dots: Formative Assessment, Feedback and Standards-Based Grading. Language curriculum forum: learning activities, rubrics, assessment and reporting.                        

·  04.03.17 - From the curriculum continuum to lesson delivery? Developing bi-literacy capacities

·  25.03.17 - The keys to instructional strategies webinar

·  01.04.17-06.05.17 - Language Methodology Refresher: approaches and strategies workshop. Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol Model (SIOPA). Demonstration – teachers-as-students experience learning new key  language with TPRS - Webinar

·  20.05.17 - Delivering the VicC incorporating ICT 


Two-day Congress 

·  Day 1 17.06.17: Catering for multiple intelligences

·  Day 2 18.06.17: Delivering the VicC through Language innovations. *ICT for language use. *Making mobile learning mobile. *AU+ñ=3. Songs, rhymes and group dynamics. *Project-based learning.  


·  Friday, 21.07.17 - Working towards VCE. Planning, assessment, progress record and reporting Workshop

·  19.08.17 - Language maintenance professional learning: dance, cooking, singing and crafts. How did you go discussion board?

·  Friday 08.09.17 - Year 7-10 movie afternoon 

·  Friday 22.09.17 - VCE Spanish Oral MOCK exam 

·  28.10.17 - Year 3 –to-10 Language immersion day                        

·  28.10.17 (Afternoon) Spanish Language Awards       

·  Friday 03.11.17 - VCE written exam preparation session

·  25.11.17 - Victorian curriculum in practice showcase. From the curriculum continuum to lesson delivery. 

·  08.12.17 -  AU + ñ = 3 Project celebration dinner and AGM 

We look forward to meeting you and working with you.

Kind regards,

VATS Committee of Management

Victorian Association for Teachers of Spanish. VATS