In this section you will find Activities, Games, Spanish Courses, Music , Interesting Links and much more...
In this section teachers may find a lot of information that can be used with students and for their professional development.
In this section you will find Schools, Institutions and Universities where Spanish is taught in Victoria.

The Victorian Association for Teachers of Spanish was founded in Melbourne at the beginning of the 80's after discussions with teachers who saw the need for such an organization.

By 1985 it had 50 active members.

Now we are planning many activities to promote the learning of Spanish in Victoria.


VATS would like to promote:

  • The teaching of the Spanish Language in Victoria.
  • The cultures and traditions of the Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Bilingualism (Spanish/English) in our community.
  • Intercultural understanding for all Australians

Where to learn Spanish?

In Victoria there are many places where you can learn Spanish: the Victorian School of Languages, government schools, independent schools, catholic schools, universities and many other private language schools.

If you are interested in the list of places where you can learn Spanish click here.

We regularly organize activities that will help you  become more familiar with the language and cultures of the Spanish speaking world  and find out about what’s going on in the Spanish-speaking community in Victoria.