”Language variation and intercultural knowledge"

The ”Language variation and intercultural knowledge" session aims at unpacking the curriculum components required to be implemented within your language program. In alignment with the reflection, language variation and change and role of language and culture sub-strands of the Victorian Curriculum, this event also provides participants with an opportunity to explore cultural elements from various countries where Spanish is spoken. We will examine linguistic components through the identification of themes and topics connected with cultural artefacts and multinational manifestations of the Arts, music, dance, cooking and traditions to guarantee a viable curriculum that incorporates artefacts and intercultural knowledge and understanding.

Registrations will open by the end of week 2 Term 3

*There is a possibility of running an additional language immersion activity for teachers as an extension of the 'language variation and intercultural knowledge' category event. A co-designed program may have a  combined focus slightly different for the customary VATS language maintenance and immersion activity.  Stay tune for further details.


"Comprehensible mentor texts"

Based on cognitive development and the teaching comprehensible input approach, there is a series of resources on the make to be release during our annual congress on October 16 & 17. If you are interested in taking part of this initiative and wish to trial the resources, send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can find a sample here 'Partes de la cara' Grade 2 for the F-2 band.


VATS-LAP - Language Assistantship and mentoring program

New and experienced teachers can benefit of the LAP by hosting and showing eagerness to share expertise with a trainee teacher or VIT applicant. A number of dedicated and hungry to learn colleagues has been rolling their sleeves supporting teachers and learning from the implementation of their high performing programs. First round has been done by invitation, Stay tune for round 2.

*Notice that this initiative is slightly different in lengths and commitments from the DET language assistantship program.

*VATS-LAP is a volunteer like program whereas the DET language assistantship is a contract-based program.

*DET is supporting schools in 2021 and 2022 to recruit their own language assistants. It is a great opportunity for teachers and students to benefit from the presence and collaboration of assistants from as many as possible Spanish speaking countries.


"Language immersion day for students: iHablamos español!"

The "Language immersion day for students" will be as usual held in Term 4. Let us know should you have any amazing activities you would like to deliver on the day.


VCE Preparation sessions

VCE Spanish Oral E.O.Y. Exams Preparation session. Friday, 10 September 5pm to 8pm. Registrations here.

VCE Spanish Written E.O.Y. Exam preparation session. Friday, 15 October from 5pm to 8pm. Registrations here.