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VATS constitutes a major contact for advice regarding the commencement and/or implementation of a Spanish language program in government schools all around Victoria. We embrace a great and productive relationship with community counterparts and organisations representing the Spanish speaking world such as the consulates of Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and those from other varied Spanish speaking nations as well as local and international education related institutions and individuals. From its beginning VATS has been delivering professional development to support school language teachers to implement and deliver a Spanish language programs. Every year, VATS strives for identifying the professional learning needs of our members translated into conferences, seminars, workshops, networks, language maintenance, VCE external exam preparation sessions, immersions days and school-based support. 

The Victorian Association for Teachers of Spanish was founded in Melbourne at the beginning of the 80's after discussions with teachers who saw the need for such an organization. By 1985 it had a small number of active members. Now with a powerful promotion of quality programs and the provision of current research-based initiatives, Spanish has flourished in Victoria. From 7 schools at the beginning of 2015, by 2017 we had a ten-fold growth in the number of schools offering Spanish language programs. Our strategic plan involves: developing leadership capacity; promoting cultural inclusion as per the language variation and change strand of the Victorian curriculum; increasing collegiality and networking, ensuring teaching support is handy for effective program delivery and student outcomes; sharing and replicating success from one school to another; advising Spanish language teachers and school leaders on curriculum requirements and resources; extending current language teaching methodology and instruction that works; and, sharing  expertise with a clear and unifying vision: getting Victorian students to enjoy learning Spanish and explore the multi-cultural nations where the language is spoken. To achieve these, we first welcome everyone from private, catholic, government and community schools. Then, based on common needs, we plan a variety of professional learning opportunities for teachers and student learning activities to promote the outstanding teaching and learning of Spanish in Victoria.

VATS would like to promote:
*Quality teaching of the Spanish Language in Victoria.
*Inclusion and integration of intercultural knowledge and understanding

*The cultures and traditions of the Spanish-speaking countries.
*Bilingualism (Spanish/English) in our community.
*Intercultural understanding for all Australians

VATS is proudly supported by Department of Education and Training Victoria The Victorian Department of Education and Training