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Working at Victorian primary and secondary schools

Language schools and Tertiary Education Institutions 

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Primary and junior secondary school level

Working at Victorian primary and secondary schools

To work at Victorian schools, teachers must be registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching. More information at Registering as a teacher

Applications for government schools position are via Recruitment Online

Both government and independent schools usually advertise available positions at


Language schools and Tertiary Education Institutions such TAFE, Colleges and University usually have their own application requirement in response to their own profiles for candidates

Victorian State Government – DET Language Teaching Resources

Spanish in the Victorian Curriculum overview and curriculum area advice

Victorian Certificate of Education: Spanish VCE

Create your own blog account in seconds at Global 2 is supported by Victorian DET


Access work programs and resources at our online platform

Curriculum support: curriculum continuums, essential learnings and theme-based scope and sequence based on the Victorian Curriculum

Lesson plans, flascards, craftsheets, resources, songs and readers at Spanishkidstuff

Level-based readers for your students at Reading A-Z

Beginners level

Access free resources for teachers and students at Languages Online: Spanish

El Centro virtual Cervantes offers Mi mundo en palabras. Un material interactivo para aprender vocabulario de un modo lúdico, diseñado para niños de 7 a 9 años que empiezan a estudiar español.

Junta de Castilla y León has interactives resources suitable for junior years at Bosque de actividades

Search at for Spanish at varied levels

Risas y sonrisas offers a Multi-sensory • Multi-grade (K-5) • Multi-media Flexible, comprehensive, user-friendly curriculum


Primary and junior secondary school level

Rockalingua offers original interactive games, songs, worksheets and other tools for making Spanish for kids fun and are designed to assist parents and teachers with kids learning Spanish

Oye language skills divides their resources in beginners, intermediate and advance levels in response to levels of commencement in year 7.

Resources, songs and readers at Spanishkidstuff